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Join us - you are invited to participant in these important Programs and Events - at AOM

  • 1.  Join us - you are invited to participant in these important Programs and Events - at AOM

    Posted 08-07-2019 09:54

    Dear Friends and Colleagues,

    We have an exciting array of Management, Spirituality, and Religion (MSR) events this year. In total they give you an important and increasingly relevant foundation for "Understanding the Inclusive Organization" in today's world.

    Come learn about MSR's contributions on research topics such as:

    • the meaning of work
    • the impact of spirituality and spiritual leadership in the workplace
    • the purpose of business
    • the effects of religious pluralism in the workplace, and
    • the distinctive elements of individual religious and spiritual beliefs that cultivate inner awareness and promote wisdom for the common good.

    To review the "at-a-glance" and "detailed" MSR Programs for each day, click the link below and download the schedules.  Pass it on to others you know:

    1. MSR 2019 Boston OVERVIEW. Programs events and sessions at AOM Annual Meetings (including the August 8th MSR Research Consortium and the August 13 – 16 MSR Retreat)
    2. Friday August 9.   Professional Development Workshops and MSR Community Dinner
    3. Saturday August 10.   Professional Development Workshops
    4. Sunday August 11.  AOM Breakfast and President's Address and Service Awards, All Academy Theme (AAT) Sessions, MSR symposium and MSR paper discussion session, MSR Business Meeting and MSR Social.
    5. Monday August 12.   MSR Scholarly Program: Paper Sessions, Symposia, MSR plenary and MSR & Friends
    6. Tuesday August 13.   MSR a Scholarly Program: Symposia and Paper Sessions and MSR Retreat

    Please come and join us for these MSR events and be part of our rapidly growing community of scholars.

    Chris Laszlo

    MSR PDW Chair


    The "at a glance" Overview of the MSR Program Schedule in Boston

     – including the MSR Pre-conference – MSR Research Consortium and

    the MSR Retreat – that follows the AOM annual meetings


    – JOIN MSR in Boston:

    To review all versions (at a glance & detailed schedules) of each day of the MSR Program click this link below:

    At a Glance OVERVIEW - MSR Programs, Events and Sessions at AOM Annual Meetings
    ( including the August 8th MSR Research Consortium and the August 13 – 16 MSR Retreat)

    Thursday - August 8


    MSR Research Consortium

    9:00 to 5:30pm

    Boston Library Lower Level McKim Room

    700 Boylston Street

    Cost: $25 includes a catered lunch.
    Register or simply reply to Dr. Debra Dean at

    Qualitative methodologies as inclusive approaches to develop high-quality Management, Spirituality and Religion research.


    -Ian Mitroff, Crisis Management Expert, University of California Berkeley
    -Joan Marques, Dean, Professor of Management, Woodbury University
    -Robert Gephart, Professor, University of Alberta
    -Liz Denton, Organizational Counseling Psychologist, Executive Coach, Speaker, Co-Author: "A Spiritual Audit of Corporate America"
    -Julia Storberg-Walker,  Associate Professor, Executive Leadership Program, Department of Human and Organizational Learning, George Washington University


    9:00, Venue available muffins and coffee

    9:30-9:45, Welcome and introductions

    9:45-11:00, Interpretive Sciences: Overview of Qualitative Methods Workshop,

    Bob Gephart Jr., Professor at the University of Alberta, School of Business

    11:00-11:15, Break

    11:15-12:30, Phenomenology Workshop,

    Joan Marques, Dean and Professor of Management, Woodbury University's School of Business

    12:30-1:15, Lunch

    1:15-1:45, Fetzer Scholars Introduction

    1:45-2:15, Dissertation award Presentations

    2:15-3:30, Applied Social Philosophy: Dialectics & Debate on Selected Topics,

    Ian Mitroff, Professor Emeritus, Annenberg School of Communication and Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

    Elizabeth Denton Ph. D., International Founder Affiliate, and former executive coach and strategic organizational consultant based in NYC, 

    3:15-3:30, Break

    3:30-4:45, Transformative Wholeness: Participative and Intuitive Research Workshop

    Julia Storberg-Walker Associate Professor, Executive Leadership Program, Department of Human and Organizational Learning, George Washington University

    4:45 to 5:15, Wrap up and next steps.


    Reflection Room - Friday through Tuesday - – open every day for 12 hours.

    8:00am – 8:00pm   at AOM in Boston

    Program Session: 65 | Submission: 19774 | Sponsor(s): (SVC)

    Friday , Aug 9 2019 8:00AM - 8:00PM at Boston Marriott Copley Place in Connecticut


    AOM's Reflection Room for all AOM members

    This space is designated as a non-denominational room for attendees to use for prayer or quiet reflection amidst the busy backdrop of the meeting. Use of this space requires tolerance for all faiths, spiritual beliefs and practices. In order to make this space available to attendees, the following rules apply:

    Only registered Academy of Management attendees and accompanied guests are permitted. No candles, incense burning or other smoke, fragrance or flame is allowed.

    The space is open to registrants at all times. Conversation and music are prohibited and noise is to be kept to the strictest minimum. Use is restricted to purposes of personal reflection, meditation or prayer. No sleeping is permitted.


    2019 MSR -Academy of Management in Boston,

    August 9-13 , 2019.


    *PDW Workshops and * MSR Dinner (Friday)

    Register soon for the MSR Dinner (Aug 8th and for 3 of the MSR Professional Development Workshops (PDW) sessions in that same area). Be sure you are logged in to your AOM account.

    Dinner location: Back Bay Social (Upstairs back/mid dining rooms), 867 Boylston Street (between Gloucester & Fairfield), Boston, MA, 02199. Please register today.  

    Questions?  Please contact Udayan Dhar at for more information.


    ***SUNDAY, AUGUST 11th


    8:30pm – 10:30am

    All-Academy Networking Breakfast and AOM Presidential Address

    for all AOM attendees.

    Program Session: 568 | Submission: 19973 | Sponsor(s): (AAA)
    Scheduled: Sunday, Aug 11 2019 8:30AM - 9:00AM at Sheraton Boston Hotel in Grand Ballroom

    Same room - AOM Presidential Address and Award Ceremony:  9:00-10:30am

     Please join us at this event where you can network, reconnect with old friends, and make new ones. Do all of this over a cup of coffee and pastries! The Presidential Address and Awards Ceremony, hosted by the AOM President, Carol T. Kulik, will immediately follow.


    Afternoon & Evening:  

    1. All Academy Theme Day (AAT) (Late morning and afternoon)
    2. * MSR Paper Discussion: 12:30pm
    3. * MSR/ AAT Symposium session: 4:00pm
    4. * MSR Business Meeting: 6:00pm-7:30pm – Encouraging all MSR members and Friends to    participate
    5. * MSR Social Gathering: 7:30pm – 10pm  -  open to all.
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    MORNING & AFTERNOON  MSR Scholarly Program

    * MSR Scholarly Paper Sessions and MSR Best Symposia Proposal Sessions

    * MSR Plenary - 3:00PM- 4:30PM at Boston Marriott Copley Place in Grand Ballroom Salon B

    Each of three distinguished guest speakers will share a unique perspective on diversity and inclusion: Dr. George Trippe (Trippe Psychotherapy, Perth, Australia) will address radical inclusivity and the inner village; Vince Klassen, Co-Lead Pastor (Friends Church, Calgary, Canada) will discuss creating inclusivity in a "church for people who don't fit church"; and Dr. Tim Ewing, VP Employee Diversity (Brigham Health, Boston) will address building a diverse culture grounded in the human spirit. 

    * MSR & Friends – 5:00PM – 7:00PM at Boston Marriott Copley Place in Grand Ballroom Salon B

    Social Event

    This session is designed to create conversations across the division/interest groups as well as within MSR! After a brief introduction from each of the 'visiting' divisions, participants will be invited to participate in a small group activity: an award winning board game, 'KnowMe', based on the Johari Window and originally designed to bridge the conflict between racial groups in Apartheid South Africa.

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    MORNING & AFTERNOON  -  MSR Scholarly Program

    * MSR Scholarly Paper Sessions and MSR Symposia Sessions


    ***AUGS 13th -16th --- MSR RETREAT

    *Registration link for the MSR RETREAT:

    The Retreat
    The MSR Retreat is a unique opportunity for reflection, learning, and community building, specifically designed for MSR members and guests. The MSR Retreat is co-created and pluralistic. The intention is to explore practices from a variety of sacred, spiritual and psychological traditions based on the interests of participants.

    In 2019 we will draw on the principles and process of Appreciative Inquiry (Cooperrider & Whitney, 2008 and Open Space Technology (Owen, 2008) to construct much of our time together. We will also continue the tradition of encouraging retreat participants to contribute to the program. In the past this has generally been 30-120 minutes in which a participant shares something of their teaching and/or sacred-tradition practice(s) (i.e. yoga, meditation process, classroom activity, discussion-facilitation, singing etc.).

    The Rhythm of Our Time
    After the AOM / MSR Sessions end on Tuesday retreat participant will travel to the retreat location. Participants will be provided information to facilitate self-organizing, shared transport to the venue. The intention is to arrive in time to get checked in and share a light meal (at 6pm) before we gather at 7:30pm to begin the retreat.
    The daily rhythm will include time for: prayer, worship, meditation, journaling, silence, small and large group sharing, and presentations. Free time is built into the rhythm of our days.

    For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact:





    Michael Pirson                                                   



    Chair Elect

    Charles Tackney                                                    



    Scholarly Program Chair 

    Chair - Retreat Committee

    Stacie Chappell                                



    PDW Chair

    Chris Laszlo


    4.1 Newly Elected Program Elect & PDW Chair

          Nicolas Burton


    Immediate Past Chair 

    Chair – MSR Nomination/Election Committee

    Mary Finney                                          




    Denise Breaux Soignet



    Secretary /Archivist  

    Chair -  Student Membership Committee   

    Elizabeth Luckman                          



    Chair -  Research Committee

    Representative at Large

    Tom Culham                                       



    Representative at Large -Communication

    Ginger JE Grant                                  



    Representative at Large -Technology

    Sunny (Seonhee) Jeong                



            Newly Elected Representative at Large – Technology

            Duysal Askun Celik


    Representative at Large - International

    Richard Major 



            Newly Elected Representative at Large – International

            Benito Teehankee



             Newly Elected Representative at Large – General

             Jyoti Bachani



    Representative at Large - Community Building/Membership Development

    Joan Marques                                                     



    MSR Special Senior Advisor

    Chair - Keeper of the Flame Committee

    Judi Neal                                                         



    MSR Special Senior Advisor – Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion

    Chair - JMSR Committee

    Kathryn Pavlovich                                      



    MSR Special Senior Advisor – Treasurer & Fundraising

    Eleftheria Egel                                    



    MSR Special Senior Advisor

    Jim Stoner



    Chris Laszlo
    Case Western Reserve University
    Cleveland OH
    (703) 759-2744