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Thank You for a great conference

  • 1.  Thank You for a great conference

    Posted 08-13-2020 19:08
    Dear PNP Community

    Firstly, thank you for submitting your papers, PDWs and symposia, as well as acting as reviewers, so we could build a great program. We were worried when we went Virtual that we would not be able to offer such a good experience and it was, of course, different. But I hope you will agree with me that it was great to have the opportunity to watch the videos, talk to colleagues and read the papers.

    The great news is that the content is still available and I urge you to spend time looking for more things to read watch and think about over the next couple fo weeks. There is so much for our PNP community to access and share.

    As a part of this I want to share the video that was prepared for our Plenary: Valuing Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Doing: Academy of Management PNP 2020 Plenary
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    Valuing Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Doing: Academy of Management PNP 2020 Plenary
    How to value and embed Indigenous knowledges into academic and societal systems, curriculum and public sector and non-profit activity V515146903.01
    View this on YouTube >

    Prepared for us by Professor Catherine Althaus from UNSW Canberra and ANSZOG it provides a series thoughtful interviews on this important topic. There is then a video in the Plenary section of the. Conference Website where a discussion about this took place.

    Thank you again for your support for the PNP Division of the Academy. If you are interested in getting more involved with PNP, for example, as a member of an awards 
    committee please let us know. PNP has a great team that would love to involve new people.

    I am now handing the Program to Justin Stritch (this years PDW Chair) who will be an amazing Chair for us all.

    Hope to see you in 2021 either in Philadelphia or Virtually.

    Deborah Blackman
    Outgoing Program Chair

    Deborah Blackman
    University of New South Wales Canberra