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Update on attacks to universities in Ontario, Canada

  • 1.  Update on attacks to universities in Ontario, Canada

    Posted 30 days ago
    Dear PNP Colleagues,

    The following are attachments related to the last post about the attacks on Ontario universities, especially Laurentian University now.

    All the best,

    On Mon, Apr 12, 2021 at 11:37 PM Deborah De Lange <> wrote:
    Dear PNP colleagues,

    I thought you would like to know about a terrible development occurring in Ontario, Canada. Premiere Doug Ford has been attacking academia/universities and the latest assault is on Laurentian University. Laurentian University serves unique populations in Ontario's north. Of course, among many programs, Environmental Studies, Women's Studies, and Labour Studies are cut

    Here are some links:
    Staff, students 'stressed and uncertain' as Laurentian University job terminations set for today

    Solidarity letters from faculty associations (inlcluding a letter jointly signed by the RFA)

    University of Western Ontario press release

    Northern Solidarity website, recognising critical role of Ontario universities and providing information on activities of support

    The government's actions are resulting in drastic cuts to programs and faculty layoffs. 

    Overall, Ontario universities have been markedly underfunded for a long time. We have been experiencing a hollowing out of our university system and now, this government is speeding it up. This is also an attack on tenure and science by this populist and fossil fuel supporting, climate change denying government.

    I hope everyone will stand united in support of faculty at Laurentian University and in support of science, academia, and universities in general.

    All the best,
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