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Accepting Applications - Social Movements, Stakeholders, and Non-Market Strategy PDW

  • 1.  Accepting Applications - Social Movements, Stakeholders, and Non-Market Strategy PDW

    Posted 07-01-2019 06:47

    Dear Colleagues,

    We are now accepting applications for the research round-tables segment of our fifth annual PDW on Social Movements, Stakeholders, and Non-Market Strategy. Those interested should submit a 3–5 page description of a new research idea or current research project to be explored with the discussants and other participants. In your submission, please include your name, title, school affiliation, and your top three table choices (listed below). 

    Submissions should be emailed to Brayden King, Jocelyn Leitzinger, and Timothy Werner at by July 12. Any questions can be directed to this email address as well. The full program description can be found at 

    If you would like to attend the speaker panel and Q&A session, no submission or registration is required. Thanks and we hope to see you there! 

    Best wishes,
    Jocelyn, Tim, and Brayden

    Social Movements, Stakeholders, and Non-Market Strategy (#18281)

    Sponsors: OMT, ONE, PNP, STR

    Time: Saturday, August 10, 2019 from 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

    Place: Boston Hynes Convention Center in 310

    Organizers: Brayden King (Northwestern U), Jocelyn Leitzinger (U of Illinois at Chicago), and Timothy Werner (The U of Texas at Austin)

    Speakers: Amy Hillman (Arizona State U), Michael Lounsbury (U of Alberta), Thomas Lyon (U of Michigan), Edward Walker (U of California, Los Angeles)


    Civil society groups have had a significant impact on markets and economically-driven organizations over the past century. From the environmental and civil rights protests of the 1960s to contemporary social-media movements combating sexual harassment, racism, and xenophobia, activist organizations and their participants have shaped not only firm behavior, but also industry's willingness to respond to – and even participate in – civil society.

    In our fifth year of this workshop, we are turning our focus toward potential tensions between strategic and cultural approaches toward this topic – a debate introduced in the recent (2018) Research in the Sociology of Organizations volume that arose from earlier meetings of this PDW – and the implications of this discussion for scholars working at the intersection of firms, markets, and stakeholders.

    Our goal is to unite the numerous researchers interested in the relationship between social movements and firms, despite the different analytical toolkits they employ, and to build a community of scholars with related interests. Additionally, we hope to broaden the scope of our community by inviting the participation of scholars who have not yet studied social movements and markets but who would like to contribute to this area of work in the future.

    This PDW consists of two segments. In the first, Amy Hillman, Michael Lounsbury, Thomas Lyon, and Edward Walker will discuss our focal topic – followed by a question and answer session with the audience. The second segment will feature research round-tables, where participants will receive feedback from leading scholars and fellow participants on new research ideas or issues faced with current projects.

    Participation is open for the speaker panel and Q&A session, but pre-registration is required for the research round-table segment. To ensure enough discussion time for each participant, there will be a limited number of positions available.



    1. Social movements and organizational theory
      Robert David (McGill U)
      Sara Soderstrom (U of Michigan)

    2. Social movements and stakeholder theory
      Michael Barnett (Rutgers U)
      Daniel Waeger (Wilfrid Laurier U)

    3. Social movements and corporate political activity
      Sinziana Dorobantu (New York University)
      Edward Walker (U of California, Los Angeles)

    4. Social movements and nonmarket strategy
      Thomas Lyon (U of Michigan)
      Lori Yue (U of Southern California)

    5. Social movements around the world
      Witold Henisz (U of Pennsylvania)
      Ion Bogdan Vasi (U of Iowa)

    6. Recent social movements (Standing Rock, #metoo, etc.)
      Jo-Ellen Pozner (Santa Clara U)
      Tim Werner (U of Texas at Austin)

    7. Social movements and entrepreneurship
      Tim Hargrave (Central Washington University)
      Desiree Pacheco (Portland State U)

    8. Activist organizing and its consequences
      Ed Carberry (U of Massachusetts, Boston)
      Mae McDonnell (U of Pennsylvania)

    Jocelyn Leitzinger
    Assistant Professor
    University of Illinois at Chicago