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Love/Dignity and Business-AAT's with Jay Barney, Jim Walsh, Raj Sisodia, Donna Hicks, Sandra Waddock etc.

  • 1.  Love/Dignity and Business-AAT's with Jay Barney, Jim Walsh, Raj Sisodia, Donna Hicks, Sandra Waddock etc.

    Posted 08-07-2019 09:54
    Dear colleagues,

    To understand the Inclusive Organization the Humanistic Management Association is inviting to 2 All Academy Sessions on Sunday, August 11:

    Love and the Inclusive Organization with Jay Barney, Jim Walsh, Sandra Waddock etc.
    2:15PM - 3:45PM at Boston Hynes Convention Center in 313

    Popular Culture reminds us of the importance of love in leading a good life (i.e. All you need is love). Inclusive societies and organizations embrace loving and caring practices as a form of protecting dignity and promoting well-being of its stakeholders. In this symposium several leading scholars in business management and beyond will explore the concept of love as a heretofore neglected notion in management studies. They explore the possibilities of a conceptual foundation of love, its relevance to managerial work and the goal of creating inclusive organizations. The call for submissions asks: "Are there critical perspectives on organizational inclusion that move beyond managerialism?" This panel will discuss if and how we need to rethink business and management theory and practice from the ground up. The central notion of the conversation is love and the panel will explore the conceptual possibilities the notion of love can provide to achieve organizational excellence. Is love indeed all we need?

    Dignity and the Inclusive Organization with Donna Hicks, Raj Sisodia, Mike Brady, Cynthia Guyer, Bob Quinn
    Sunday, Aug 11 2019 4:00PM - 5:30PM at Boston Hynes Convention Center in 109

    Dignity is sometimes described as the highest common denominator. It is an often overlooked concept in the conversation on diversity. Still it provides a rich conceptual background to the conversation of how people can create inclusive organizations. Examining dignity from various perspectives the panelists, prominent thought and action leaders, this panel is presenting examples on how dignity can inform inclusive organizational practices. This panel has a strong focus on practice with CEO's presenting their organizational work on dignity.

    All welcome!

    Michael Pirson
    Chair, MSR IG Academy of Management
    Associate Professor, Fordham University,
    New York, NY