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Transatlantic Dialog workshop on collaborative governance

  • 1.  Transatlantic Dialog workshop on collaborative governance

    Posted 03-10-2022 21:21
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    Public and nonprofit scholars are encouraged to submit paper abstracts to the workshop entitled "Democratic accountability in bureaucratic and collaborative governance arrangements," which will be part of the 16th Transatlantic Dialog, June 9-11, 2022, at Roskilde University in Denmark. Deadline for workshop abstracts has been extended to April 1.


    I will be co-chairing the workshop with Roskilde colleague Peter Triantafillou. I've attached a description of the TAD conference and information about submitting abstracts.


    The war in Ukraine certainly makes our topic more timely than ever. We see collaborative governance at work as Microsoft participates in US cyber defense efforts. Oil companies and banks are working with public officials to punish Russia. The humanitarian aid effort crosses borders and sectors. Ensuring democratic accountability in such efforts is a daunting public and nonprofit leadership challenge.



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