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Webinar series on African Smart Public Value Governance

  • 1.  Webinar series on African Smart Public Value Governance

    Posted 10 days ago

    The Centre for African Smart Public Value Governance (C4SP) – a collaboration among researchers at Middlesex University Mauritius and the KPM Center for Public Management at the University of Bern (Switzerland) – invites scholars seeking to expand knowledge about twenty-first century governance practices in African contexts to join the conversation during its webinar series. C4SP aims to discuss the importance of governance attached with public values and to expand understanding of 'smartness' in governance according to diverging country environments. C4SP thus takes a mutual approach by shedding light on challenges encountered by African public sector organizations, while (i) offering perspectives on improvements in quality of governance and (ii) establishing a platform that allows new ways in the development of theories in organization studies and Public Management. 

    The inaugural Zoom webinar, taking place on 28 April (CET: 1 PM-3 PM | Mauritius time: 3 PM-5 PM | EST: 7 AM-9 AM), will be on 'Public Value Governance'. The three speakers – Prof Jacob Torfing (Roskilde University, DK), Prof Laurent Pech (Middlesex University, UK), and Kelly Culver (The Culver Group, CA) – will share their perspectives on this theme, which will be followed by a discussion. 

    Please confirm your participation through For further information, email us on

    Emamdeen Fohim
    Post Doctorate Fellow
    University of Bern