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Social Innovation & Theory (Symposium AOM 2019)

  • 1.  Social Innovation & Theory (Symposium AOM 2019)

    Posted 07-26-2019 06:07

    Interested in Theory and Social Innovation? Then this is for you. We've designed the Symposium

    Theoretical approaches for studying social innovation

    that sheds light on four different theoretical perspectives on social innovation and works with presenter-commentator pairs. It minimizes presentation time to maximize discussion time and aims to build a research community around the topic.

    Division Sponsors: OMT, ENT, PNP
    Organizers: Gorgi Krlev & Sophie C. Bacq

    • Entrepreneurship Lens: Nevena Radoynovska (presenter) & Lisa Hehenberger (commentator)
    • Institutional Theory Lens: Bjoern C. Mitzinneck (presenter) & Anne-Claire Pache (commentator)
    • Economic Sociology Lens: Christopher M. Rea (presenter) & Thomas J. Roulet (commentator)
    • Technological Innovation Lens: Gorgi Krlev (presenter) & Marc J. Ventresca (commentator)

    Concept note: Social innovation is receiving increasing attention as a response to grand challenges and wicked problems. Social innovation occurs in many different forms ranging from action principles to whole new organizational fields, and it can be promoted by firms, nonprofits and government. Because of this richness and complexity, social innovation remains undertheorized. To address this gap, we explore the four theoretical lenses above to identify synergies and boundaries, and to promote theorizing across the lenses.

    When & where: Tuesday, Aug 13 2019 11:30AM - 1:00PM at Boston Hynes Convention Center in 208

    Gorgi Krlev
    Centre for Social Investment
    University of Heidelberg