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AOM PDW (hybrid) "Strategy for Nonprofits"

  • 1.  AOM PDW (hybrid) "Strategy for Nonprofits"

    Posted 07-15-2022 17:35
    Does your research involve nonprofit organizations? Please join us for an interactive discussion on an interesting and growing area of management research!

    AOM PDW (hybrid) "Strategy for Nonprofits"
    Saturday August 6, 9-12 PDT

    Janet Bercovitz, University of Colorado, Boulder
    Aseem Kaul, University of Minnesota
    Jenny Kuan, California State University Monterey Bay
    Kate Odziemskowska, University of Toronto
    Jeremy Thornton, Samford University


    Scholarship involving nonprofit organizations has been gathering steam in management journals for several years now. The intent of this PDW is to help scholars develop ideas on using nonprofits in their management research. While specialized journals have long published research on nonprofits, management and strategy journals are taking a keen interest in nonprofits for several reasons. First, nonprofits are increasingly recognized as interacting with for-profits as competitors, complementors, and customers. This motivates a second stream of efforts, to make nonprofits analytically tractable using management and economic theory. Third, publicly available data on nonprofits can serve empirical studies in management. And finally, nonprofits may act as focal organizations for addressing social and environmental grand challenges. We will present diverse perspectives on nonprofit scholarship in management journals and then conduct breakout groups to bring participants together to share and develop research ideas. Included among the organizers are scholars who have successfully published nonprofit research in top management and strategy journals, including those who serve in editorial positions. Thus, we hope this workshop will provide a high-quality experience for participants from across the Academy's divisions. We propose a short format for the workshop, with the first half involving presentations by organizers and the second half involving roundtables.

    For any questions, please contact Jenny Kuan at or Aseem Kaul at You can add this session to your schedule with this link:

    Aseem Kaul & Jenny Kuan

    Jenny Kuan Cal State Monterey Bay