The PNP Division is pleased to announce our 2023 award winners. Congratulations to all and thank you to each committee member, chair and sponsor.

Best Conference Paper by a Public and Nonprofit Division Doctoral Student
Anja Belte, Leibniz University Hannover

Best Journal Article Award
Elizabeth Linos, University of California, Berkeley
Krista Ruffini, Georgetown University
Stephanie Wilcoxen, The Behavioural Insights Team

Best Dissertation Award
Hanjin Mao, University of Houston - Downtown

Honorable Mention, Best Dissertation
Renzo J. de la Riva Aguero, University of Connecticut School of Public Policy

Best Dissertation ASBS-EMJ Adam Smith Tercentenary Award
Ulrick Roehl, Copenhagen Business School

Honorable Mention, Best Dissertation ASBS-EMJ Adam Smith Tercentenary Award
Inn Hee Gee, University of Oklahoma Price College of Business

Charles H. Levine Award for Best Conference Paper in the Public and Nonprofit Division
Janelle Kerlin, Georgia State University
Meng Ye, Georgia State University
Kelly Hall, The University of Birmingham

Keith Provan Award
Mary Ellen Guy, University of Colorodo Denver

Carlo Masini Award
Zhoulin She, Renmin University of China
Quan Li, Nankai University

Best Book Award
Akshay Mangla, University of Oxford

Top Reviewer Award
Michelle Allgood, Arizona State University
Philine Van Overbeeke, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus U.
Shuyao Zhou, IE Business School
Sonia White, University of South Alabama
Jill Davis, Ohio State University
Julia Andrea Trautendorfer, Johannes Kepler U. Linz
Manuel Weber, University of Liechtenstein
Sergej Ljubownikow, University of Sheffield
Timur Uman, Jönköping International Business School
Michael A. Card, University of South Dakota

We look forward to celebrating with you in Boston at AOM 2023!

AOM PNP Division Call for Papers: BOSTON 2023

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