Doctoral Consortium


2024 Doctoral Student Professional Development Consortium

Public and Nonprofit Division



If you are a doctoral student with aspirations to research and teach in public or nonprofit management, consider applying to the Doctoral Student Professional Development Consortium of the Public and Nonprofit (PNP) Division of the Academy of Management (AOM). The Doctoral Consortium will take place in-person on Saturday, August 10, 2024. This is an excellent opportunity to meet representatives from a wide variety of public and nonprofit programs and to make connections that may assist in the job search process. The Doctoral Consortium includes:

1.     Panels and personal feedback on finding an academic job,

2.     Individual feedback from senior scholars on your existing research or proposal, and

3.     Unparalleled networking opportunities among peers, future colleagues, and potential employers.

Doctoral students at any stage are welcome to apply to the consortium. The consortium is especially beneficial for students who are in the dissertation proposal development stage or later to discuss their research proposals or current projects with faculty members in the field.

To apply, please submit a one- to three-page research proposal or abstract of a research paper by 5:00 pm EDT on Saturday, April 21, 2024. If you have decided on a dissertation topic, your submission should be a short synopsis of the dissertation. If you have not yet selected a dissertation topic, briefly outline a potential research project that could be shaped into a dissertation. 

To Apply, Please Use This Link

Participants need to become student members of AOM ($106). Needs-based funding is available to a limited number of accepted applicants. Notification of acceptance and funding will be shared by end of May 2024.

Please direct questions to the PNP Doctoral Consortium Co-Chairs, Kate Albrecht ( or Brad Johnson (


The AOM PNP Doctoral Consortium was a great experience for me. I learned from my mentor, my peers, and from several well-organized panels on topics of great interest. I have grown as a researcher thanks the the consortium, its organizers, and all of the participants.  - Jeff Fair, Trachtenberg School, GWU

This consortium is a unique opportunity to hear diverse perspectives on researching and teaching within the fields of nonprofit or public management. Participants are able to hear from leaders in the field and faculty members who were recently on the job market. Feedback from peers and a senior scholar is invaluable and allows for unique networking and more personalized learning opportunities. Another valuable aspect is how this entire consortium is offered at no extra charge. One is able to ask questions or pose points of clarification during the sessions as well as follow up with individuals following the series of events and sessions. Thank you! - Cynthia A Golembeski, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Research Scholar; Rutgers-Newark JD/PhD Student in the School of Public Affairs and Administration

The Consortium was an awesome opportunity to learn what to expect of an academic job, how to prepare for the academic job market, and how to successfully publish. The mentoring session was also extremely valuable. I was paired with a fantastic mentor in my area of interest along with two other students, and we had time to discuss one another's work in a constructive way. It's an all-around great experience for emerging scholars!  - Stephanie Bultema, University of Colorado Denver School of Public Affairs

AOM's annual conference, in general, is an excellent place to present your research idea, learn existing new topics and methods, and obtain practical guidance that helps you develop your research ideas. On top of this general benefit, the PNP division's doctoral consortium offers a very welcoming and helpful sessions that help you to get to know scholars and young colleagues in PA, PM, and nonprofit studies. Inputs you get from participants and mentors do help you develop and elaborate your research ideas and papers in progress. It was my second time participating in this consortium and, as always, I've got very pragmatic tips and substantive feedback that help improving the quality of my research.  - Jin Hong Kim, John Glenn College of Public Affairs, Ohio State University

Consortium was an amazing opportunity to increase professional network, receive critical feedback on a manuscript and join the ranks of great scholars. The attention and care that organizers put into this event was incredible.  While AOM has membership of thousands, the Consortium made me feel like I was the center of attention. It is a great experience that is very helpful for emerging scholars. I strongly recommend you applying for Consortium and I am humbled to be selected for it. - Zakhar Berkovich, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, University at Albany, SUNY

The Consortium was well-organized with a virtual platform. I loved learning from the invited speakers, my small group advisors, and my peers of the program. The feedback I received from the Consortium is valuable for my dissertation and overall academic development. Make sure you apply if you are studying public and nonprofit management. It will be an inspiring journey!  - Yinglin Ma , John Glenn College of Public Affairs

I'm very grateful to the organizers of the Consortium for putting together such a great event and giving us the opportunity to connect to the wider PNP network. Thank you! - Holly Dykstra, Harvard Kennedy School

The AOM Doctoral Consortium is an incredible opportunity to connect with senior scholars and experts in your field. The mentor to whom I was assigned spent nearly an hour with me, talking through the dissertation proposal I had prepared, including ways to improve the research design, other areas of scholarly literature I should incorporate, and the potential journal outlets for my project. This experience was invaluable and I look forward to working on this project and staying in touch with my mentor in the future.  - Lauren K. McKeague, Virginia Tech

Although the AoM consortium 2020 was held online, it was a valuable experience to participate there. A high degree of organization, great speakers, who shared a lot of insights, and absolutely friendly atmosphere. Many thanks to organizers for their incredible work, and to speakers for the useful and relevant content of presentations! - Olga Trunova, PhD student, University of Bologna