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C4SP Lecture Series: African Ubuntu and Sustainable Development Goals

  • 1.  C4SP Lecture Series: African Ubuntu and Sustainable Development Goals

    Posted 03-08-2023 11:21

    Only one week left for the first Lecture Series by the 'Centre for African Smart Public Value Governance' ( on 'African Ubuntu and Sustainable Development Goals: Seeking Human Mutual Relations and Service in Development'.


    Dr. Dorine van Norren (University of Leiden, NL) starts the C4SP Lecture Series by discussing an Ubuntu approach to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Although it is generally assumed that 'development' is a universal concept, it is not understood the same way in every culture. In Africa, progress is understood differently; human relations take precedence over development, which is embraced in the African concept of well-being Ubuntu (I am a person through other persons). The SDGs are multilaterally negotiated and claim universality but are underpinned by European modernism. To be truly inclusive of Africa, they need to do more justice to Ubuntu. However, this would mean changing and aligning the leading SDG themes to the Ubuntu philosophy.


    15th of March 2023

    1 - 2 PM Central Africa Time; 12 - 1 PM Central European Time; 6 - 7 Eastern Standard Time


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    Emamdeen Fohim
    Post Doctorate Fellow
    University of Bern