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C4SP Lecture Series: Facial Recognition Technologies in Africa

  • 1.  C4SP Lecture Series: Facial Recognition Technologies in Africa

    Posted 06-27-2023 17:34

    Only one week left for the second Lecture Series presentation of the 'Centre for African Smart Public Value Governance' ( on 'Facial Recognition Technologies in Africa: From Development to Advocacy'.


    Dr. Toussaint Nothias (Stanford University) continues the C4SP Lecture Series by providing an overview of African governments' use of facial recognition technologies in public spaces. These technologies are fueled by a wide set of partnerships between governments and transnational entities such as multilateral agencies, humanitarian organizations, and international data processing corporations. They attempt to use technical biometrics solutions to solve intractable and complex problems in areas such as health, security, governance, immigration, and development. At the same time, these technologies have raised concerns from civil liberty and digital rights activists who worry about their role in reinforcing authoritarian capacities and accelerating processes of social inequalities and marginalization. In this talk, Dr. Nothias provides an overview of the deployment of facial recognition technologies across Africa and analyzes various local and transnational advocacy efforts to oppose their deployment.


    5th of July, 2023

    1-2 PM Central Africa Time/Central European Summer Time;

    7-8 AM Eastern Daylight Time;

    7-8 PM Singapore Standard Time


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    Emamdeen Fohim
    Post Doctorate Fellow
    University of Bern