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Call for Submissions to Syracuse University's Inaugural MetLife Foundation-Lender Center for Social Justice Symposium

  • 1.  Call for Submissions to Syracuse University's Inaugural MetLife Foundation-Lender Center for Social Justice Symposium

    Posted 02-21-2023 17:10
    Edited by Kira Kristal Reed 02-21-2023 17:10

    The Syracuse University Lender Center for Social Justice, with funding from the MetLife Foundation 
    and in collaboration with Syracuse University faculty in the Social Differences, Social Justice 
    Research Cluster, is offering a two-year Post-doctoral Fellowship at Syracuse University to PhD (or 
    equivalent) scholars with compelling projects that address the Racial Wealth Gap in the United 

    The Lender Center for Social Justice welcomes scholarly project proposals based on humanistic, 
    theoretical, empirical, case study, or applied research that addresses any of the following three 

    I.    Structural and systemic factors positively or negatively impacting the building of 
    generational wealth [e.g., slavery, settler colonialism, and historic legacies of racialized 
    violence, racial capitalism, mass incarceration, inheritance laws, etc.]
    II.   Policies and practices that generate or minimize racial wealth disparities [e.g., redlining, 
    urban renewal schemes, tax policy, predatory financing, healthcare burdens, racially disparate 
    housing appraisals, etc.]
    III.   Individual and organizational-level factors influencing educational attainment, skills 
    acquisition, and career development [e.g., educational inequities, hiring queues, corporate 
    programs, etc.]

    Within each track, projects are invited that:

    (1) identify and capture factors leading to or minimizing the racial wealth gap
    (2) capture the long-term impacts of the racial wealth gap
    (3) offer solutions to minimizing the racial wealth gap that are data driven and evidence-based
    (4) present arts- or humanities-based research as an alternative means of evidencing data and 
    documenting narratives conveying either lived experiences of the racial wealth gap, or promising 

    Proposals that consider women, the disabled, and other historically marginalized groups are 
    especially encouraged.

    The position will be open until filled. Candidates applying by early March will be given priority 
    consideration. Application instructions and a list of post-doctoral fellow expectations can be 
    found at If you have questions about the position,
    please email

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