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Friendly Reminder: AoM PDW on Researching Open Innovation - Register by 31st of July

  • 1.  Friendly Reminder: AoM PDW on Researching Open Innovation - Register by 31st of July

    Posted 07-26-2023 09:48

    Dear Colleagues,

    For those going to the Academy of Management conference and having an interest in open innovation and related topics, please consider attending our PDW on Researching Open Innovation. Make sure to join us in celebrating the 20th anniversary of Open Innovation.

    For more information, please visit:

    Please register online before the 31th of July, 2023 at

    We hope to catch up with you in Boston!

    Best Regards,

    Agnieszka, Marcel, Justyna, Veronika, Christina, Gianlorenzo, Mehdi, Paul and Jakob

    PDW Organizers



    Researching Open Innovation: Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Settings for Future Research

    Friday, Aug 4, 2023, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM at Hynes Convention Center (302)

    Sponsors: TIM, OMT, CTO, STR, ENT, ODC, PNP



    Session Organizers and Facilitators:

    Organizer: Agnieszka Radziwon - U. of California, Berkeley & Aarhus U.

    Organizer: Marcel Bogers - Eindhoven U. of Technology 

    Organizer: Justyna Dabrowska - School of Management, RMIT U. 

    Organizer: Veronika Kentošová - Aarhus U.,  

    Organizer: Cristina Marullo - Politecnico di Torino 

    Organizer: Gianlorenzo Meggio - Aarhus BSS, Aarhus U. 

    Organizer: Mehdi Montakhabi - Vrije U. Brussel 

    Organizer: Jakob Pohlisch - WU Vienna 

    Organizer: Paul Moritz Wiegmann - Eindhoven U. of Technology 

    Facilitator: Allan N Afuah - U. of Michigan 

    Facilitator: Ekaterina Albats - LUT U. 

    Facilitator: Esteve Almirall - ESADE Business School 

    Facilitator: Mehdi Bagherzadeh - NEOMA Business School 

    Facilitator: Sabine Brunswicker - Purdue U., West Lafayette 

    Facilitator: Henry Chesbrough - U. of California, Berkeley 

    Facilitator: Alberto Di Minin - U. of California, Berkeley 

    Facilitator: John E. Ettlie - Rochester Institute of Technology 

    Facilitator: Lars Frederiksen - MGMT, BSS, Aarhus U. 

    Facilitator: Annabelle Gawer - U. of Surrey 

    Facilitator: Stefan Haefliger - Bayes Business School 

    Facilitator: Dennis Hilgers - Johannes Kepler U. Linz 

    Facilitator: Marcus Holgersson - Chalmers U. of Technology 

    Facilitator: Ghita Dragsdahl Lauritzen - U. of Copenhagen 

    Facilitator: Keld Laursen - CBS - Department of Strategy and Innovation 

    Facilitator: Mats Magnusson - KTH Royal Institute of Technology 

    Facilitator: Maral Mahdad - Wageningen U. & Research Center 

    Facilitator: Ian McCarthy - Simon Fraser U. 

    Facilitator: Kathrin Moeslein - Friedrich-Alexander U. of Erlangen-Nürnberg 

    Facilitator: Paul M Olk - U. of Denver 

    Facilitator: Susanne Ollila - Chalmers U. of Technology 

    Facilitator: Markus Perkmann - Imperial College London 

    Facilitator: Frank T. Piller - RWTH Aachen U. 

    Facilitator: Marion Kristin Poetz - Copenhagen Business School 

    Facilitator: Krithika Randhawa - U. Of Sydney 

    Facilitator: Deborah Roberts - U. of York 

    Facilitator: Cristina Rossi Lamastra - Politecnico di Milano School of Management 

    Facilitator: Henry Sauermann - ESMT European School of Management and Technology 

    Facilitator: Jonathan Sims - Babson College 

    Facilitator: David J. Teece - U. of California, Berkeley 

    Facilitator: Wim Vanhaverbeke - U. of Antwerp 

    Facilitator: Joel West - Keck Graduate Institute 

    Facilitator: Sunny Mosangzi Xu - Copenhagen Business School 

    Open innovation (OI) is a management concept that describes the purposive management of knowledge flows across organizational boundaries. It has attracted significant attention from management researchers and has been studied using a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives. At the same time, researchers in a growing number of disciplines and divisions are attracted to this domain. And while our understanding of OI is generally increasing, many challenges in researching OI remain and new ones emerge.

    The first version of this PDW was organized in 2014, and the earlier PDWs have resulted in a publication (with twenty-three involved authors) in Industry & Innovation . This article proposes a number of research categories that are used to frame this version of the PDW. 

    This PDW gathers a number of active scholars conducting research related to OI. These scholars will share and build on their experiences in researching OI to identify some key challenges—and associated opportunities—to help advance research in this domain. By building on recently identified OI research categories, the facilitators will introduce and discuss these challenges, which cover a broad range of levels of analysis, various theoretical perspectives, and methodological approaches. Following this, they will moderate roundtable discussions with interested participants. Pre-registration (by submitting a short text with research interests) is recommended for the roundtables, which have pre-defined topics, but attendance is open as long as space permits.

    Jakob Pohlisch
    Vienna University of Economics and Business