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Instats Spring and Summer research methods workshops

  • 1.  Instats Spring and Summer research methods workshops

    Posted 04-19-2023 21:00
    Dear Colleagues
    Below please find a list of upcoming Livestreaming workshops available through Instats which may be of interest to you. Many of these workshops are associated with multi-workshop Structured Courses that provide broader coverage of a technique or software package while offering a 10% discount -- beyond Instats's already discounted prices. We offer workshops in English and Mandarin (中文) from globally recognized experts across a range of social and health sciences.
    Instats is the most advanced technology platform for PhD and Post-PhD research methods training in the world, with leading livestreamed and on-demand content, as well as research methods consulting with preeminent experts -- all available through the platform. Head over to today, and if you're a research methods expert or a member of a university group interested in partnering with us to offer content on the platform to generate new revenue streams, please get in touch at and we'd love to show you around the platform.
    Best wishes
    Michael Zyphur
    Institute for Statistical and Data Science

    Simplistics: An Intuitive Graphical Approach to Statistics with Dustin Fife - Livestreaming May 3 - May 17
    This hands-on course explores statistics from a fresh, intuitive perspective and supports R, JASP, and Jamovi, with an easy to use and understand graphical approach to statistical analysis.

    Advanced Applications of QCA (Qualitative Comparative Analysis) in R with Carsten Schneider - Livestreaming May 3 - May 5
    This seminar on advanced set-theoretic methods for the social sciences focuses on applied Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA).

    Measurement Invariance in Mplus + 2 Free Seminars with Michael Zyphur - Livestreaming May 4 - May 5
    This hands-on seminar explores classic and cutting-edge methods for evaluating measurement invariance across groups and time, including the special case of many items and/or groups (100 or more).

    Introduction to Meta-Analysis with Mariola Moeyaert - Livestreaming May 9 - May 11
    This seminar provides hands-on instruction covering the process of conducting a meta-analysis, from the planning stage through the selection of appropriate statistical techniques, the issues involved in analyzing data, and the interpretation of results.

    Interactive Data Visualization and Dashboards with R with Dave Armstrong - Livestreaming May 9 - May 11
    This seminar introduces interactive graphs that can be made easily in R and shows how to incorporate those interactive elements into a dashboard that you can use to powerfully communicate your research results.

    Introduction to Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA) - Free Seminar with Jan Dul - Livestreaming May 10 - May 10
    Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA) understands a cause as a necessary (but not sufficient) condition, rather than a probabilistic cause (as in regression analysis).

    Introduction to SEM with PLS + 2 Free Seminars with James Gaskin - Livestreaming May 12 - May 13
    This seminar will take you from zero experience with SmartPLS to conducting advanced analyses including path models and structural equation models estimated via PLS.

    Interactive Dashboards and Web Apps with Shiny in R with Dave Armstrong - Livestreaming May 16 - May 18
    This seminar introduces Shiny, the R package that serves as a framework for building interactive web applications.

    Advanced Meta-Analysis with Mariola Moeyaert - Livestreaming May 23 - May 25
    This seminar will introduce you to advanced meta-analytic methods.

    Conducting Qualitative Interviews: What You Weren't Taught with Catheryn Khoo - Livestreaming May 23 - May 24
    In this hands-on advanced qualitative interviewing workshop, you will gain the knowledge and skills required to design and conduct high quality qualitative research that can inform evidence-informed decisions.

    Missing Data Analysis: Maximum Likelihood and Multiple Imputation Methods with Tenko Raykov - Livestreaming Jun 1 - Jun 2
    This workshop covers patterns and mechanisms of missing data, and the most state-of-the art best practices for handling missingness: (1) full information maximum likelihood and (2) multiple imputation methods.

    Qualitative Research: From Study Design to Publication with Carol Grbich - Livestreaming Jun 7 - Jun 9
    This seminar is designed to provide an overview of the current state of the art of Qualitative research.

    Mixture Modeling for Measurement Scale Assessment with Chester Kam - Livestreaming Jun 10 - Jun 11
    This seminar will introduce the use of mixture models for measurement scale assessment, covering topics such as factor analysis and careless response detection.

    Single-Case Experimental Design and Analysis with Mariola Moeyaert - Livestreaming Jun 17 - Jun 15
    This seminar will give you a strong working understanding of methods used to design and analyze single-case experimental design studies (i.e., n-of-1 trials, personalized trials, intrasubject, single-subjects, etc.), including the assumptions underlying these methods and their limitations as well as their benefits.

    Regression Discontinuity Designs (RDD) in R and Stata with Mathieu Turgeon - Livestreaming Jun 30 - Jul 1
    This seminar introduces the use of the regression discontinuity design (RDD) to estimate treatment effects from observational data.

    Meta-Analysis for Organization and Management Research (中文) with Zhenyu Yuan - Livestreaming Jul 5 - Jul 7
    This seminar introduces meta-analysis, including methods for psychometric meta-analysis and meta-regression with are useful for the social and health sciences.

    Path Analysis with Moderated Mediation in Mplus with Yihao Liu - Livestreaming Jul 19 - Jul 21

    Psychometrics 101: Measure Development and Validation with Ronald Landis - Livestreaming Jul 21 - Jul 22
    This seminar is designed to provide a strong foundation in the process of developing measures for research or use in practice.

    Interactions and Non-Linearities in Regression Models with Dave Armstrong - Livestreaming Jul 25 - Jul 27
    Many theories in the social sciences and beyond suggest non-linear or conditional relationships. Even if relationships of interest are assumed to be linear, it is important to test whether those assumptions are tenable. In this course, we consider how to diagnose un-modeled non-linearity in generalized linear models, how to estimate models with non-linear and/or conditional relationships and how to best present the results of those models to people who may engage with your work. An official Instats certificate of completion is provided at the conclusion of the seminar.

    From CFA to SEM with Latent Variable Interactions in Mplus with Yihao Liu - Livestreaming Jul 26 - Jul 28

    Longitudinal Panel Research with Mplus: From Design and Analysis to Publication with Le (Betty) Zhou - Livestreaming Aug 15 - Aug 17
    本研讨班介绍测量次数相对较少的纵向研究--纵向面板研究(longitudinal panel study)的研究方法。共分三天进行讲授:第一天总览纵向研究,包括设计和数据收集问题,用于分析纵向数据的结构方程模型(SEM)框架,以及评估跨时间的测量工具的不变性(measurement invariance);第二天内容涵盖了SEM框架内的一系列工具,可用于分析纵向面板数据和假设检验;第三天是更进阶的课题,包括在模型里加入不随时间改变(time-invariant)和随时间改变(time-varying)的自变量、因变量、更高层次的数据嵌套结构(higher-level units),以及类别数据的处理。研讨班结束时将提供正式的结业证书,并为欧洲博士生提供2个ECTS(欧洲学分转换系统)学分。.

    Credible Qualitative Research with David Silverman - Livestreaming Oct 11 - Oct 13
    Qualitative research is often judged as if it were quantitative, with various critiques such as small sample sizes that can lead to the critique that it is not credible.

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