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Call for Papers: EURAM 2023 'New ways of working and hybrid workplaces: organizing and managing for good in the new normal'

  • 1.  Call for Papers: EURAM 2023 'New ways of working and hybrid workplaces: organizing and managing for good in the new normal'

    Posted 10-11-2022 15:55
    EURAM 2023 track
    T09_08 - New ways of working and hybrid workplaces: 
    organizing and managing for good in the new normal

    14 - 16 June 2023 (Trinity Business School, Dublin, Ireland)

    New ways of working (NWW) broadly refers to a loose cluster of organizational practices through which employees benefit from increased, technology-enabled job autonomy. Hybrid working, which integrates working at the office and remote working, is arguably one of the emerging features of NWW. NWW as a rising phenomenon has been theoretically approached from diverse perspectives. While organization and management studies have studied the relationship between key concepts such as new organizational configurations and work practices, organizational culture, identity and institutions. The human resource management literature has focused on new strategies and technology mediated HRM practices for facilitating change management, developing new competences and mindsets, improving leadership, performance, and talent management. Critical management studies and human centric perspectives, then, remind us of the political, social and human aspects, and power implications that NWW entail.

    This EURAM topic aims to advance knowledge from these different perspectives, while allowing discussions among them to shape a future research agenda, regarding organizing and managing for good, in the contexts of NWW and hybrid workplaces. We welcome papers based on empirical studies (both qualitative and quantitative), as well as conceptual papers. A non-exhaustive list of relevant research topics includes issues related to different concepts and conceptualizations of NWW and hybrid workplace, the consequences of NWW and hybrid working, both at individual and organizational levels, the human and social impact of NWW and different challenges related to researching NWW and hybrid workplaces. 

    Paper submission deadline: 10 January 2023 – 2 pm Central European Time
    Authors' Guidelines (for Full Papers): click here

    Fabrizio Maimone (LUMSA University Rome)
    Emamdeen Fohim (University of Bern)
    David Giauque (University of Lausanne)
    Anthony Silard (Luiss Business School)
    Meysam Salimi (IÉSEG School of Management)

    For further enquiries, click here or do not hesitate to contact me (!

    Emamdeen Fohim
    Post Doctorate Fellow
    University of Bern