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3rd webinar by the 'Centre for African Smart Public Value Governance': Smart Government

  • 1.  3rd webinar by the 'Centre for African Smart Public Value Governance': Smart Government

    Posted 10-13-2021 06:06
    3rd C4SP webinar on 'Smart Government in African Countries'
    20th of October, 7am EST / 1pm CET / 3pm MUT

    Management and organization studies have increasingly set itself the goal of being able to address current grand challenges. Research on the use of emerging smart technologies aiming to target the Sustainable Development Goals seems particularly promising to approach this self-defined objective. From such findings, implications can be deduced on how such technology can be best introduced and adapted to expand its impact. However, most-likely no 'one-size-fits-all' solutions can be derived, which is why research needs to take the respective local context into account. 

    The Centre for African Smart Public Value Governance (C4SP) - a collaboration between scholars from Middlesex University Mauritius and the University of Bern (Switzerland) - addresses this issue by running its third webinar on the topic of 'Smart Government in African Countries'. Through the webinar, C4SP aims to provide a platform for scholars interested in doing impactful research beyond the West. After an initial introduction on the topic by three speakers, the participants can continue the discussion. This exchange shall foster the establishment of potential research ideas on the implementation and adaption of smart government practices in African countries, while providing a platform to make academic collaboration across the globe. 

    The three speakers, addressing the theme from different angles are: 

    • Prof Tobias Mettler (University of Lausanne, CH): Smart Government - Where Did We Start and Where Are We Heading
    • Prof Mogopodi Lekorwe (University of Botswana, BW): The Digital Divide and Implications for Smart Government in Africa - The Case of Botswana
    • George Kalebaila  (Huawei - Southern African Enterprise Government & Public Utility Development, ZA): A Purpose Driven Approach to Digital Transformation of Government

    To attend the event (taking place on the 20th of October 2021, 7am EST; 1pm CET; 3pm MUT), please visit to confirm the attendance. 

    For any queries, email us on

    Emamdeen Fohim
    Post Doctorate Fellow
    University of Bern