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Check out this new book on Springer "Questioning the Entrepreneurial State"

  • 1.  Check out this new book on Springer "Questioning the Entrepreneurial State"

    Posted 04-25-2022 09:28

    Check out this new book on Springer Questioning the Entrepreneurial State. 

    Josh Lerner, professor at Harvard Business School gave the following endorsement:

    "While governments undoubtedly have an important role in 'setting the table' for entrepreneurship, their track record in direct interventions to this end has been much more problematic. The thoughtful essays in this volume highlight the many obstacles that aggressive government efforts to boost entrepreneurs can encounter, and provide a healthy corrective to naïve prescriptions by academics and policymakers alike."

    Anders Borg, former minister of finance in Sweden

    "Creative destruction, innovation, and entrepreneurship are at the core of economic growth. The government has a clear role, to provide the basic fabric of a dynamic society, but industrial policy and state-owned companies are the boulevard of broken dreams and unrealized visions. This important message is convincingly stated in Questioning the Entrepreneurial State."

    Amar Bhidé, professor, Tufts University

    "Misreading the dynamism of American entrepreneurship, European intellectuals and policymakers have embraced a dangerous fantasy: catching up requires constructing an entrepreneurial state. This book provides a vital antidote: The entrepreneur comes first: The state may support. It cannot lead."

    The book can be downloaded for free at Springer:

    Timur Uman
    Jönköping International Business School