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Updates on AOM 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

  • 1.  Updates on AOM 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

    Posted 06-10-2020 09:14

    Dear PNP Division Members,

    I hope this message finds you safe and well.

    You have probably heard the AOM 2020 Annual Meeting is going to be a virtual conference. Although AOM is centrally coordinating the online conference through a platform, each division has some flexibility in how it implements the annual meeting experience.

    The virtual conference will include both synchronous/live and asynchronous/pre-recorded sessions. The AOM leadership team has instructed us and other divisions to select 10% of all sessions (PDWs, Symposia, and Paper Sessions) that will be live or synchronous. The remaining sessions will be asynchronous. The conference platform will allow participants of the pre-recorded sessions to engage in virtual discussion about the papers.  Last month, the PNP executive committee held two Zoom meetings to select the synchronous and asynchronous sessions.  After thoughtful discussions, the committee selected the following sessions to be synchronous/mock-live.

    • Public and Nonprofit Division Doctoral Student Consortium
    • Public and Nonprofit Division Journal Editors' Panel
    • Public and Nonprofit Division Business Meeting (Mock live)
    • Public and Nonprofit Division Plenary (Mock live)
    • Public and Nonprofit Best Paper Sessions
    • Two Discussion Paper Sessions

    Over the next few weeks, the AOM Program Office will coordinate with our PDW chair and Program Chair to finalize the schedule of all PNP sessions. We will need volunteers who will serve as digital chairs of virtual sessions. The volunteers will be our ambassadors for this new format, and I hope that some of you will step up to bring enthusiasm and a can-do attitude to help guide and encourage people who may have concerns and worries about going digital.

    The registration fee for attending the virtual conference is USD200 for academic members and USD100 for students. This fee allows you to formally register and gain access to the entire conference, papers, presentations, and sessions (live and asynchronous). While this fee may seem a bit high, I think it offers great value and opportunity for a more inclusive AOM experience.

    Finally, as you are aware doctoral students are particularly hard hit by conference cancellations and many students will have limited or no funding next to attend conferences. Considering these circumstances, the executive committee has decided to cover the conference registration fee (in the form of $100 scholarships) of the participants of this year's Public and Nonprofit Division Doctoral Student Consortium.

    Stay tuned for more updates. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.


    With kind regards,


    Russell S. Hassan (email:

    Division Chair, Public and Nonprofit Division