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EGOS SWG3 Chords & Discords in Civil Society

  • 1.  EGOS SWG3 Chords & Discords in Civil Society

    Posted 12-19-2021 10:43
    Dear friends and colleagues,

    we would like to invite you to join us at EGOS 2022 in Vienna for Subtheme 3: Chords and Discords of Civil Society.

    We engage with the conference theme to examine 'the beauty of imperfection' with a focus on temporality and processes in the nonprofit sector and Civil Society. Starting from concepts such as resilience, recycling, reinvigoration, and resynchronization, we want to spark a discussion on how dischords within nonprofits, civil society, and between nonprofits and other organizations might fuel innovation and change. We want to focus on different velocities and rhythms between different systems, e.g. nonprofits and public admin, urban and rural areas, etc.

    We anticipate an inspiring subtheme with a plurality of empirical contexts and a range of theoretical ideas.
    We look very much forward to welcome you to Vienna.

    Best wishes for the holidays.

    Gemma Donnelly-Cox, Liv Egholm, Michael Meyer

    Michael Meyer
    WU Vienna
    ++43 1 31336 5366