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Women in Research Methods

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    Posted 07-20-2021 14:26

    Please excuse cross-postings.


    Women in Research Methods is a forum for female academics throughout management and the organizational sciences who share an interest in research methods. The group was founded by Dr. Lisa Schurer Lambert and Dr. Tine Koehler with the purpose being to provide research methodologists the opportunity to network, connect, and provide mentorship to budding researchers. Faculty members and doctoral students at all stages are welcome to share interests, questions, concerns, and advice on writing methods papers, using and teaching methods, integrating methods research into an academic career, adopting methods to applied problems and settings, and other issues related to both qualitative and quantitative methods. Please direct questions to Lisa ( and join us on Facebook (closed group which means members will be vetted before entry) and LinkedIn, or visit if you are interested.


    Please forward this message to interested faculty and students.

    Thank you!

    Jayci Robison
    Doctoral Student
    Management Department
    Oklahoma State University