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"Western models of public management are the best!" You think differently? Join the AOM PDW on 'Decolonizing Management Studies'

  • 1.  "Western models of public management are the best!" You think differently? Join the AOM PDW on 'Decolonizing Management Studies'

    Posted 05-23-2022 05:40

    Decolonizing Management and Organization Studies: 
    Why Should We Do It and How Can We Do It?

    (5th of August 2022, 12:30 PM - 3.30 PMSeattle time)

    As provocative the above statement is as much it represents not unusual practices in management research. Similar as discussed in the discipline of psychology, management and organization studies have a tendency of conducting research on and with "WEIRD people" and organizations; thus, with actors from countries with a western, educated, industrialized, rich, and democratic background. However, knowledge gained from only one group of actors cannot automatically be generalized beyond the Western context, whereby scientific progress can be hampered. This bias is particularly problematic for management scholars as they set the goal of addressing todays and future grand challenges: Only from an unbiased cultural view on a research project, scholars can establish practical knowledge, able to tackle Sustainable Development Goals beyond the West. Thus, the question is: How can we as scholars decolonize management and organization studies?

    This hybrid PDW (in-person and online) aims to address this question. Different approaches are discussed by prominent scholars (see detailed program below). They (i) elaborate the added value of investigating non-western contexts for management research, (ii) review theoretical concepts that consider local particularities for theory development, and (iii) discuss methodologies for unbiased research. Drawing on these inputs, round table discussions will allow participants to jointly develop a Charta for raising awareness on the topic. The overall goal of the PDW is to improve theory development by avoiding western-biased research.

    The first part of the PDW (consisting of presentations) can be attended by anyone registered for the conference. The second part (consisting of interactive group discussions) is limited to 10 participants per group (max. 80 participants). Participants who are interested in attending the second part are invited to raise their motivation (500 words max.) via the following registration form until the 12 of July 2022:

    For any further enquiries, please contact the PDW's organizers: &


    Part 1:

    Approaches to Decolonize Management Studies

    On Ideas Beyond the Western View:

    On Theoretical Concepts:

    On Methodologies:

    Part 2:
    Co-Creating a Charta

    • Group Works on Discussed Topics in eight round tables
    • Presentations by Round Table

    Emamdeen Fohim
    Post Doctorate Fellow
    University of Bern