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PNP Division Call for Submissions and Reviewers

  • 1.  PNP Division Call for Submissions and Reviewers

    Posted 12-04-2020 11:54
    The PNP Division of the Academy of Management is ready with its call for the 2021 Virtual Program (see below).  Proposals for the scholarly program are due by Tuesday, December 12th at 5PM EST (New York Time).  The submission center opens later this week and additional information about the virtual conference can be found at

    The PNP Division will also need reviewers for this year's scholarly program. Reviews this year will be completed between January 21st and February 18th 2021. You can register to become a reviewer at

    81st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management
    30 July - 3 August 2021
    Public and Nonprofit Division (PNP)
    Program Chair: Justin Stritch, Arizona State University;
    2021 PNP Call for Papers and Symposia

    The Public and Nonprofit (PNP) Division of the Academy of Management brings together organizational scholars dedicated towards creating and disseminating knowledge about how to improve the effectiveness of government and nonprofit organizations. We pay special attention to how the distinctive qualities of the public and nonprofit sectors influence the behavior, management and organizational processes of government and nonprofit organizations.

    This year's Academy Theme is "Bringing the Manager Back in Management." As this year's AOM Program Chair, Dr. Amy Hillman, observes: "For a field named "management," it is odd how little of our focus is on "managers," whether at the frontline, middle, or executive level, or at the organizational, geographic, or global level. Today, more than ever, our research and teaching are called on to shape what managers do on a day-to-day basis. We are the Academy of Management and yet it isn't always clear how our research addresses issues confronting practicing managers. The tenor of our time suggests that seeking to help managers deal with the issues confronting them would be a valuable contribution to the world we live in." We encourage you to consider this Academy Theme as you prepare proposals (more info available at

    In addition, all topics relevant to the PNP Division's core mission are also welcome. Our members study a variety of important topics including, but not limited to, bureaucratic politics and decision making, cross-sector collaboration and networks, design and delivery of public services, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, government procurement, human capital management, innovation and organizational change, leadership, management of humanitarian and international organizations, motivation and performance of employees, strategic planning and management, social entrepreneurship, and transparency and accountability of public and nonprofit organizations.

    The PNP Division encourages and welcomes diverse research methods and approaches including the use of ethnographic studies, laboratory and field experiments, survey research, simulation and systems dynamics modeling, and textual/natural language processing.

    Instructions for Submission.  Complete papers and proposals for panels and symposia must be submitted by Tuesday, 12 January 2021 at 5:00 PM ET (NY time). Only electronic submissions through the AOM Submission Center will be accepted.  Submissions that do not follow the AOM guidelines will not be accepted. The Submission Center will open early December. For more information see

    Reviewers. The PNP Division relies on the work of volunteers.  Please consider signing up to be a PNP Division Reviewer for the 2021 AOM Conference at

    PNP Division Awards.  Conference submissions are eligible for the following PNP Awards:

    ** Charles J. Levine Award for the Best Conference Paper
    ** Best Doctoral Student Conference Paper Award
    ** Carlo Masini Award for Innovative Scholarship in Public and/or Nonprofit Management

    The PNP Division is also home to the following awards which will be announced at the PNP Business Meeting:

    ** Best Book Award, from published works of the last three years
    ** Best Article Award for publications in the previous calendar year
    ** Keith G. Provan Award for significant contributions to Public Administration
    ** Best Doctoral Dissertation Award
    ** Top Reviewer Awards

    For more information on the awards and nomination processes, keep an eye out for calls in the coming weeks and see the PNP Division's website.

    Questions and comments should be addressed to the PNP Division's 2021 Program Chair, Justin Stritch at

    Justin Stritch
    Arizona State University
    Phoenix, AZ AZ